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The best way to combine stock with dropshipping with a multichannel ecosystem

The best way to combine stock with dropshipping with a multichannel ecosystem


We are Droppery! A product data, stock, and order management tool (API-First) company located in Amsterdam. Haven’t you heard of us? Then don’t hesitate to read our first blog- post to give us the chance to introduce ourselves to you and get to know us. In this blog- post, we will share with you what our company is all about, what our vision is, what sets us apart from others, and what you can expect from us in the future.

Generally, on this blog, we want to share with you our tips and tricks on how you can successfully grow sales channels as well as how our automated way of dropshipping will benefit your company. Since we are a young company, we also want to share with you step-by-step guides/ guide maps on how you can not only grow as a start-up but also internationally. Many more interesting themes such as these, are planned for the upcoming period. We can not wait to share them with you soon! 


How did it start?

The Creators of Droppery are Marco Mulder (Co-Founder & CEO) and Robin van der Heiden (Co-Founder & CCO), two entrepreneurs with years of experience in the industry of online marketing and eCommerce. Due to the level of experience, they obtained a trained eye on the world of dropshipping. They came across problems that dropshipping entails, such as low-quality products, long delivery times, and unsustainability. In addition to that, dropshipping has been around for years. That is why the system of dropshipping that people know is quite outdated. Not only did Marco and Robin make it their mission to solve the problems of dropshipping but also how to make use of it in a new automated way as a positive contributor to further digitalization of trade. Building a company/start-up comes with challenges that you as an entrepreneur will face, therefore the advice from Marco and Robin is to:  

But what is Droppery exactly?

Droppery’s concept ensures an optimal connection from product synchronization to automated order processing and provides a new reseller channel for our suppliers & brands. We managed to bring businesses together all over Europe and enhanced the trading capabilities of over 100 suppliers so far. Together we made it possible to regenerate the original concept sustainable and highly efficient. 


What is different about us?

We focus on the product side, the suppliers. Combined with quality checks and high standards for all of our partners, we ensure that Droppery offers not just quality products, but also high-quality webshops as resellers. Droppery is the missing piece, being the middleware that makes it possible for suppliers to use dropshipping as a business model. We believe in a future of omnichannel, to automate as much as possible with the user-friendliest tools. With this automated concept as well as having a wide range of product options, you can use our dropshipping as a service tool to test new products and see if these are the right match for your clients. We noticed that more and more companies deal with the problem of overstock, meaning purchasing new products for the next season, even though products from the last season are not completely sold out. Using us as a tool can prevent the problem of overstock and is also more sustainable. Our goal is to be the Go- to app of dropshipping in Europe, to help retailers grow and provide suppliers and brands with new sales channels.


Are you curious about what is coming next? 

In the following weeks, this blog will give you detailed information on how our dropshipping works for suppliers and webshops, as well as tips and tricks as an entrepreneur and so much more. 

We are active on several social media platforms and work hard to enhance the quality of our socials to share our vision and to be able to grow a massive community. Robin ( Co-Founder & CCO) was recently a guest at a German podcast channel by Amazing ECommerce episode 89. Feel free to listen to Robin by clicking on this link. On top of this, we will keep you updated where you can find us on international and eCommerce-driven events to listen to our vision on eCommerce. Furthermore, we are planning to start a partner- blog soon! If you have any questions for us, we are always open to answering all of your questions. You can find our contact details below.

Wanna be part of our community? Then follow us on our socials and let us take you on our journey!