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Partner blog: WICS X Droppery

Partner blog: WICS X Droppery

We would like to introduce you to our partner WICS, an innovative logistics software company that is based in the Netherlands. Are you curious about this partnership? In this blog post, we will share all information about this partnership and what we have planned for the future.

Generally, on this part of our blog page, we would like to share with you our latest collaborations and how these are functioning. In this way, we can provide you with more insights into our company’s partnerships and relations. Many more themes, such as these, are planned for the upcoming period. Stay tuned! We can not wait to share them with you soon. 

Who is WICS?


WICS is an innovative logistics software company that is highly experienced in logistics and applies software solutions successfully, that optimize processes. The company connects multi-sources in the supply chain of many different industries. The focus stays on logistics solutions for retail (Multichannel and Omnichannel), trading, manufacturing, and third-party logistics. In The Netherlands, WICS is the market leader in E-commerce solutions with their  Warehouse Management System Wics and Warehouse software WELPP. 


Why do we work together?

We are proud of the partnership with WICS/ WELPP because we want to guarantee our clients the best solution to fulfill their order process, by providing a great order process & flow, stock locations, order routes, and less percentage of possible mistakes.


 What is WELPP? 

WELPP is the newest updated full SaaS Warehouse Software for SMB’s (powered by WICS) that ensures complete automation of your logistics processes. If a webshop receives an order, the software finds the right location of the product in the warehouse. WELPP plans and calculates the optimal and fastest picking route by scanning the barcodes of the products. The partnership with Sendcloud makes it more attractive since target groups are more in line with each other. 

Why should you choose WICS?

WICS provides the most advanced, modular, and user-friendly Warehouse Management System (WMS) on the market. The WMS ensures fast and accurate delivery of your products. The software enables accurate processing of your products and ensures that you are always up-to-date on your stock and the locations of the products. In addition, WICS allows you to choose efficient walking routes and locations to limit your margin of error and require fewer people in your warehouse. WICS pays for itself. The advantage of WICS is that customization is possible. Hence, WICS fits into every logistics process. Companies such as Raven Hengelsport and many more are part of WICS’s customer base.


Why should you choose Welpp?

WELPP is more useable for smaller companies since WELPP gives them the opportunity to grow. The software is a good solution for E-Commerce companies that are ready for the next step such as companies that have just started up with small storage or warehouse and want to continue to grow. By optimizing the order process with WELPP, you as a company can focus more on orders & business instead of processing. It is important to start in time during this phase so that you will experience as few growth problems as possible in the future. Many Companies such as Viptrex started out with the software WELPP and continued with WICS afterward, due to their growth.

Are you interested in meeting us both? No problem! We are going to be present at the Winkelvakdagen 2022 event in Utrecht. Click on the image below to register yourself. We are excited to meet you!


Do you want to know more about WICS? Visit their website and their social media platforms such as Linkedin and Youtube

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