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New brands often find it difficult to define a strategy and analyse which channels are most likely to get their products noticed and sell well. For example, have you thought about how to get in touch with the right resellers, what margins and what conditions you want to negotiate?

As a digital brand agent, we take care of this process for your brand!


Offer your brand to selected and trusted webshops. Find the target group and market that fits your brand.

No risk

Webshops can add a new brand to the assortment without having to keep stock, which is delivered directly from the brand.

Plug & Play

No more expensive custom links. Droppery offers a solution to Dropshipping without having to make a large initial investment. Easily link multiple webshops to your stock.


Take advantage of dropshipping as a brand

In various industries, it often happens that a brand launches a new product and sells it exclusively to a number of well-known retailers in order to raise awareness of the brand. The reach of the retailers is already present and this way you can see which retailers fit your brand best. This is what Droppery does online, we connect brands with serious web shops that have authority, name recognition and webshops that know how to build a brand successfully.

In this way, you can test which target group is interesting for you, deal selectively with your resellers and, with good results, bind the consumer and the webshop to you.


Benefits for Brands & Webshops

For the web shop there is no risk, as the web shop has a new brand and new products in its range that are delivered directly from the supplier.

The brand always determines what happens to the application of the webshop. This way you can ask yourself if the web shop fits in well with your brand, shares the same vision and can meet the set conditions. This way you are always in control of your own brand!

No stock

Renewed range

Short delivery times

Combine purchasing & dropshipping

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