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About us

We are Droppery, years active in online marketing and eCommerce. We see more and more movement and innovation in a saturated market where creativity is essential. With an increase in the number of marketplaces, we see more and more products being imported from outside Europe.

We see that the web shops mainly offer the same range of products and that we, as consumers, are buying less and less from local businesses. In addition, we also see a strong decrease in the number of physical sales outlets, where we as consumers are buying more and more online and this will only increase in the future.
As consumers, we are becoming more critical, but the range and variety of products are lagging behind.

With Droppery, we connect wholesalers, suppliers and brands with new resellers.
A target group that wants to run less risk, try new brands and continue to grow as an organisation. With Droppery, we provide a varied range, a solution where stock can be combined with Dropshipping and the wholesalers, suppliers and brands decide.