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With the increase in online purchases, 82% over last year, it is important to think beyond order fulfillment.

Retail can be very convenient, but it is fundamentally very environmentally unfriendly and often not fair enough in terms of working conditions.

From our collaborations with Droppery, we are consciously working on a scalable model that can add value for everyone while making the world a better place.

Droppery provides an improved process in the area of order processing and shipping. We do this because products are sent directly from the supplier to the consumer without an intermediate station. Multiple links of transport, storage and packaging materials are eliminated. In this way, we ensure that the link between production and purchase becomes increasingly smaller.

It goes much further Web stores lag far behind with 'green delivery' We see more and more reports of overcrowded cities with delivery vans, the limit on the number of packages and the increasing number of returns. On top of that, parcel pick-up points are threatening to close at the moment of a lockdown.

With Droppery, we ensure that we work with the right parties that make it possible to ship-from-store, CO2-neutral and on-demand. In addition, we are actively working on a solution for the returns, the unnecessary waste of packaging material and the solution for the pick-up points.

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