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Droppery is Europe's automated dropshipping solution, specializing in finding and connecting the right customers for suppliers and brands.

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Droppery allows you as a wholesaler, supplier or brand to expand your network of resellers. We make it possible for suppliers to start dropshipping in addition to their purchasing process and increase their turnover.
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About Us

About us

With Droppery, we provide seamless integration of product synchronization, real-time inventory management and automated order processing. In addition, we offer wholesalers, suppliers and brands the ability to activate a new reseller channel. Within Droppery, it is essential that suppliers and brands can always decide who they want to work with.

For web shops, we have an extensive range of unique suppliers and brands. We offer a user-friendly environment with attractive profit margins, fast delivery times and high-quality products from reliable partners.


How Droppery Works

Thanks to our integration platform, supplier products are added directly to Droppery. We ensure that the product information is formatted in accordance with our logic so that all relevant data is available. In addition, we offer seamless integration of product synchronization, real-time inventory updates and automated order processing.

Through Droppery, the supplier receives requests from both existing and new customers who would like to work together on a dropshipping basis. It is up to the supplier to decide if they accept the requests and with whom they want to collaborate.

Once a reseller is accepted by the vendor, they are given immediate access to the product range and the reseller can immediately begin adding a renewed offering.

When a consumer places an order on the reseller's web shop, the order is shipped directly from the supplier to the consumer's address. If a supplier is not set up for consumer orders, we support the supplier with logistics.

After completing the order, inventory is immediately updated at both the supplier and all resellers linked through Droppery.


Droppery for

Find key features for both Suppliers and Online retailers here
  • Stock is up to date
  • API
  • Access to new resellers
  • Automatic order flow
  • Cross border sales

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Online retailers
  • Stock is up to date
  • API
  • High margins
  • Short delivery times
  • Unique suppliers and brands

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    About Droppery

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Droppery?

    Droppery is Europe's automated dropshipping solution, specializing in finding and connecting the right customers for suppliers and brands. We provide automation of everything regarding product data, inventory and orders (end-to-end).

    How do I access the Droppery platform?

    Droppery is not an open marketplace, you will only be granted access to the platform after we have allowed you. Once admitted, you can view the suppliers and relevant data such as offerings and product dates, and drop-shop worry-free.

    Where can I find all the suppliers?

    We are always happy to help you connect with the right brands. Please contact us so we can help you further with this.

    Can I work with all the vendors I want?

    A supplier always decides who they want to do business with. Through Droppery, you can invite the suppliers you want to work with.

    Do you remit commissions on orders at Droppery?

    No, at Droppery you do not pay commissions on orders. You only have the license, which covers all of our services. This allows you to dropship endlessly.

    I am a brand or supplier, how do I get new retailers through Droppery?

    With the Droppery platform, you don't have to look for new customers yourself; the requests come your way automatically. One important element in this is our platform algorithm. As a supplier or brand, you always decide which retailers you want to do business with and which requests you want to accept.

    How do I register myself as a brand or supplier?

    At Droppery, we value building an extensive network of brands and suppliers. Access to our platform is granted only after we approve you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and options.