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Droppery is Europe's automated dropshipping solution, specializing in finding and connecting the right customers for suppliers and brands.

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Droppery allows you as a wholesaler, supplier or brand to expand your network of resellers. We make it possible for suppliers to start dropshipping in addition to their purchasing process and increase their turnover.
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About Us

About us

With Droppery, we provide an optimal connection of product synchronization, current stock levels and automated order processing. In addition, we ensure the activation of a new reseller channel for wholesalers, suppliers and brands. An important aspect within Droppery is that the supplier or brand always decides for themselves with whom they want to collaborate.

For webshops, we have a varied range of unique suppliers and brands. A user-friendlyenvironment, with high margins, fast delivery times and quality products from reliable partners.


How Droppery Works

From the supplier's data source, products are added in Droppery. We format the product information in our logic and ensure that all relevant product information is available. Furthermore, we provide seamless integration of product synchronization, real-time inventory updates and automated order processing.

The supplier receives requests through Droppery from existing and new customers who would like to work together on a dropshipping basis. The supplier then decides whether or not to accept the requests and with whom they would like to work.

If a reseller is accepted by the supplier, then they get immediate access to the products and a reseller can immediately start adding a renewed assortment.

If the consumer places an order on the reseller's online store, the order will be shipped directly from the supplier to the consumer's address.

After completing the order, the stock is immediately updated at the supplier and all resellers linked through Droppery.


Droppery for

Find key features for both Suppliers and Online retailers here
  • Stock is up to date
  • API
  • Access to new resellers
  • Automatic order flow
  • Cross border sales

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Online retailers
  • Stock is up to date
  • API
  • High margins
  • Short delivery times
  • Unique suppliers and brands

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